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K9 Handlers

Are you interested in the possibility of being a SAR K9 handler?  Want to know more about it?

The best way to find out is to come out to a few of our trainings and learn first hand.  We always welcome those that want to learn more.  There are no training fees.  We are all volunteers, there are no payments aside from yearly, general membership dues.

Info for SAR Volunteers

Do you have an interest in search and rescue but you aren’t interested in being a K9 handler?  Or maybe you’d like to be a K9 handler some day but for right now, a dog, or a new dog, is just not in the cards yet?  Well, you can still be involved in SAR and boy do we need you!!!

C-145047 NASAR Patch Virginia MC AR.png

“Team resources are primarily certified utilizing NASAR certification standards and NASAR evaluators.”

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